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Ellie Reid
Rock, paper, scissors...
30.11.2007 - 26.01.2008
Rock Paper Scissors is the third in a series of projects through which Reid explores current thought and practice in contemporary sculpture.
Reid’s latest project, draws on her previous research, whilst taking her practice a step further, exposing the intimate bonds and tensions between materials, methods and languages.

- ellie reid exhibition page 2007
- press release 30.11.2007 [pdf]
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Ellie Reid
Regina José Galindo
14.09.2007 - 17.11.2007

Galindo’s is first and foremost a performance artist who
uses her own body to enact and denounce the themes
which dominate her artistic discourse. Her work creates
social and cultural memory by constructing fleeting
moments of searing hyperreality where Audience no longer a passive observer, finds itself transformed into Witness… or Accomplice.

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more information on this project (Confesión, 2007)
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Regina José Galindo
Mitos Colom
Misión 1977 ...y se hizo el silencio
26.04.2007 - 28.07.2007

The artist draws inspiration from SiFi cinema and literature. The project began taking shape while the young artist was attending a master class by the Spanish photographer and urban myth generator, Joan Fontcuberta, who’s passion for combining truth with fiction until the two become indistinguishable… sparked the core text which all the pieces subsequently evolved from.

- mitos colom exhibition page 2007
- press release 26.04.2007 [pdf]
- mitos colom artist page
Mitos Colom
Bárbara Juan
Solo Show
09.02.2007 - 21.04.2007

Barbara Juan first became known thanks to her iconic pillow-like canvases which carried images and texts illustrating the increasing “spanglinisation” being experienced by the new generation of Mallorquins who were born into a tourism-ridden island.

- bárbara juan exhibition page 2007
- press release 09.02.2007 [pdf]
Bárbara Juan
Group Show
Gallery Artists
15.01.2007 - 03.02.2007

- group show exhibition page 2007
Richard Mosse
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