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Artistes Amb L'Amazonia II
Charity Show
15.12.2006 - 15.01.2007

Charity exhibition aimed at raising funds for the "Fundación Amazonia", 12 emerging artists from the Balearic Region participate.


Amparo Sard, Biel Bover, Esther Olondriz, Marián Moratinos, Mariano Mayol, Mónica Fuster, Ñaco Fabré, Pep Canyelles, Pep Guerrero, Tatiana Sarasa, Teresa Matas, Yolanda Adrover

- artistes amb l'amazonia exhibition page 2006

Teresa Matas
Richard Mosse
Solo Show
21.09.2006 - 15.12.2006
Nit de l'Art 2006

In a time when images of war torn cities and landscapes devastated by natural disasters fill the newspapers and television programmes we consume, this young artist questions the validity of the images distributed by the media industry as a means of communicating the reality of human suffering.

- richard mosse exhibition page 2006
- press release 21.09.2006 [pdf]
Richard Mosse

Diana Coca
Noves Presències 2006
30.06.2006 - 26.08.2006

Noves Presències is a yearly initiative designed to identify talented artists (under 35 years of age) which have had little or no exposure within the commercial arts circuit, and give them a platform through which to present their work to the public within the context of a solo show held within selected private art galleries.

The project is funded by the Consell de Mallorca. The selection of artists and the exhibition of the work is carried out on a voluntary basis by galleries belonging to AIGAB, The Independent Association of Art Galleries of the Balearic Region.

La Caja Blanca, Noves Pres�ncies 2006
Juul Jacobs
19.05.2006 - 24.06.2006

Under the title Re-Evolution, Juul explores hypothetical scenarios depicting the future of our species.

The result is a freaky experiment which looks colorful and funny on the surface, creepy and unsettling when you stop to consider the implications.

juul jacobs exhibition page 2006
- press release 19.05.2006 [pdf]
Juul Jacobs
Yara El-Sherbini
Solo Show

03.02.2006 - 13.05.2006

The works Yara El-Sherbini presents in her first solo exhibition rely heavily on humour, and are far from politically correct. With the characteristic defiance of youth, Yara’s artistic discourse homes in on so called “sensitive issues”, and invites the viewer to temporarily suspend disengagement.

yara el-sherbini exhibition page 2006
- press release 03.02.2006 [pdf]
- yara el-sherbini artist page

Yara El-Sherbini
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