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La Caja Blanca en JustMadrid MIA
Inauguración: Miércoles 5 de diciembre 2012
Dirección: Soho Studios, Winwood Convention Center, Miami, FL
Fechas: del 6 al 9 de diciembre 2012


Actividad realizada con la ayuda del Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Encuentros del Círculo de Bellas Artes

Conference and artist talk with Murad Khan Mumtaz (Pakistan) and Alyssa Pheobus (USA)


Date and time: Monday 2nd of july 2012 at 20:00 h
Address: Caixafòrum, Calle del General Weyler 3,
07001 Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Price: Free (confirmation required)
Mª Ángeles González
Tel. 971 722 364 | recepcion@lacajablanca.com

Organized by: Círculo de Bellas Artes

press release  (pdf document in spanish)

Conferencia: Murad Khan Mumtaz
Yara El-Sherbini, performance at The Hayward Gallery
How to stop being friends with someone you no longer have anything in common with
Venue: Hayward Gallery, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

Date and time: 05.07.2012 from 17:00 to 18:30h

During the weeks leading up to the opening of Wide Open School, resident artist Yara El-Sherbini will work with The 'Huddle', a visual arts youth group at Southbank Centre, to create and enact a syllabus that provokes people into asking how we know what we know.

More information on the artist (Yara El-Sherbini)
More information about the event  (Hayward Gallery)

Yara El-Sherbini
Kira Ball at the Coll Bardolet Cultural Foundation

Private View: 26.04.2012 at 20:00h

The Coll Bardolet cultural foundation is pleased to introduce artist Kira Ball's latest body of work.
The exhibition will be open to visitors until the 29th May 2012.

More information on the artist (Kira Ball)
press release  (pdf document)

Kira Ball
Murad Khan Mumtaz
Glimpses of contemporary miniature
Venue: La Caja Blanca
Private View: 24.03.2012 From 11:00 to 14:00
Participating in Art Palma Brunch 2012

Mumtaz (Pakistan 1980) is one of the most prominent members of the new generation of contemporary master miniaturists who develop their practice at the crossroads between Western and Eastern traditions in visual arts with a special emphasis on ancient techniques such as Mughal Miniature. For Mumtaz's first exhibition in Spain, La Caja Blanca brings together a selection of miniature paintings developed on newspaper clippings and dollar bills, which the artist created during a Fullbright scholarship in Columbia University, and a series of new pieces previously unseen where the artist uses original Pakistani rupees.

More information on the artist (currently available in spanish only) press release  (pdf document in spanish)
art palma brunch  (artpalmabrunch.com)

Murad Khan Mumtaz

Torn with Fire XV (2010)
Opaque watercolour and graphite on dollar bill.
Imagen cortesía del artista, Tracy Williams y La Caja Blanca

Yara El-Sherbini performance "Pub Quiz"
Subject: "This week Hamas freed Israeli Solider Gilad Shalit in exchange for Israel freeing 1,027 Palestinian political prisoners. Using this exchange rate, if Hamas freed 8 Israeli prisoners, how many Palestinian prisoners would be freed?"

Friday 21st of October at the Cafeteria in the National Portrait Gallery, London at 19:00

Saturday 22nd of October at The Quad Gallery, Derby at 19:00

more information on the artist  (Yara El-Sherbini)
view selection of works (image gallery)


JeongMee Yoon Finalist in the "Sovereign Asian Art Prize"

With her work "Pink & Blue Project II - Lauren & Carolyn and their Pink & Purple Things"
The work will form part of a travelling show to Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong throughout 2012

more information on the artist  (JeongMee Yoon)
view selection of works (image gallery)
more information on the pize  (Sovereign Art Prize)


In Saatchi Gallery & Channel 4's New Sensations

Date: 11th of October to 17th of October 2011
Location: Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1

more information about the artist  (Atsuko Nakamura)
view selection of artworks (image gallery)

Atsuko Nakamura

Regina José Galindo wins the Grand Prize Award at the 29th Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts
September 2011

The jury of the 29th Biennial of Graphic Arts (Dave Beech, Christian Höller, Urška Jurman, and Ulay - Frank Uwe Laysiepen) has awarded the Grand Prize to Regina José Galindo for the works: Confesión (2007) , Caparazón (2010) e Móvil (2010).

more information about the award (29th Biennial of Graphic Arts)
more information about the artist (regina josé galindo)

more information about the project (confesión, 2007)

Regina José Galindo wins the Grand Prize Award at the 29th Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts
Image: Video still from the installation in Museum of Modern Art Ljubljana


The Prince Claus Awards are presented annually to individuals, groups and organisations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean for their outstanding achievements in the field of culture and development and the positive effect of their work on their direct environment and on the wider cultural or social field.

more information about the award (princeclausfund.org)
more information about the artist (regina josé galindo)

Regina José Galindo

The Pulsating Earth
Nit de l'Art 2011
Date: Thursday 15th of September 2011 from 19:00h - 23:00h
Location: Various locations in the City of Palma de Mallorca

Atsuko Nakamura's first site specific solo show

press release (pdf document)
more information about the project (the pulsating earth, 2011)
more information about the artist  (Atsuko Nakamura)

view selection of artworks (image gallery)
view images of the project (image gallery)

Atsuko Nakamura

Artist Talk

Date: Thursday 28th of July 2011 from 20:00 -21:00 h
Location: Auditorium, Es Baluard Museu d'Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma
Admission: Free entrance for guests of La Caja Blanca

Special thanks to: Nazila Noebashari
Collaborators: Es Baluard, El Corte Inglés, La Agencia, Hotel Melià de Mar (Guest Experience Partner and Cultural Ambassador).

more information about the artist (Newsha Tavakolian)
conference press release (pdf document)
linkview selection of artworks (imagegallery)

Newsha Tavakoliancolaboradores


Solo Show and Conference
16th of June 2011

Solo show by artist Newsha Tavakolian (Tehran, 1981), one of the most promising photographers emerging from the Middle East. The young photographer began her career working as a photojournalist at the age of 16 and is a regular collaborator for international magazines such as: Time Magazine, The New York Times, Newsweek, National Geographic and Stern.

Her artistic work has been presented in various international festivals such as: Visa pour l'image in Perpignan (France) and the Photojournalism Festival in Gijón (Spain). "Listen", focuses on women's role living under Islamic rule in the 21st Century.

Special thanks to: Nazila Noebashari
Collaborators: Art Palma Contemporani,
El Corte Inglés, La Agencia


more information about the artist (Newsha Tavakolian)
exhibition press release (pdf document)
more info on this project (listen, 2011)
linkview selection of artworks (imagegallery)
download programme for palma photo (pdf document in spanish)

Newsha Tavakolian

Regina José Galindo en el ICA
A Dying Artist
22 - 23 of April 2011

The ICA presents A Dying Artist – a two-day symposium and online archive organised by artists Ed Atkins and Siôn Parkinson.

Artist Regina José Galindo’s video, ‘Reconocimiento de un Cuerpo’ will be screened, as selected by Stewart Home. It features the artist examined, postmortem, completely anaesthetised.

more information (ica.org.uk)
more information about the artist (Regina José Galindo)


March 2011: Issue #344


Frames of Resistance
Francis Frascina on the aesthetics of violence

On Regina José Galindo's project "Confesión", produced by La Caja Blanca in Palma de Mallorca.

link to art monthly magazine website
more information about the project (Confesión, 2007)
more information about the artist (Regina José Galindo)

Art Monthly

Radio 3, Radio Nacional de España
Presented by Rosa Pérez

MADRID 21.02.2011

Interview with Regina José Galindo about her audiovidual intervention "Alarma" in the Metro Station Banco de España in Madrid.

Presentation of "Earth-Moon-Earth" by Katie Paterson in the presidential suite of the Hotel Gran Melià Fénix under the full moon on the evening of the 18th of February 2011.

link to the podcast (mp3 in spanish)


Noa Lidor obtains first prize, awarded by the ABC Museum of Drawing in Madrid
MADRID 20.02.2011

Noa Lidor, has been awarded the first prize by the selection panel composed of members from the Museum and the Art Fair, Just Madrid for her installation "Till Human Voices Wake Us", presented by La Caja Blanca at Just Madrid Art Fair.

museo abc
press clipping abc 21.02.2011 (pdf document in spanish)
press release museo abc 21.02.2011 (pdf document in spanish)

La Caja Blanca | Noa Lidor is awarded "I Premio de Dibujo Museo ABC"
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